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The DUCKBILL Principal

Saving Time and Labor, Patented DUCKBILL anchors work like toggle bolts in soil.

DUCKBILL are driven into the ground ( with no holes, no digging and no concrete), providing a safe and enviromentally sensitive installation. An Upward pull on the anchor tendon rotates the DUCKBILL into a perpendicular “load lock” position in undisturbed soil. The result ? SUPERB HOLDING CAPACITIES!

DUCKBILL anchor systems offer the most effective, lightweight, economical solutions to any anchoring, large or small.

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Manta Ray Performance

Revolutionizes Anchoring Technology

MANTA RAYs are driven with conventional hydraulic/pneumatic equipment that is readily available worldwide. Once driven to the proper depth, the rod/ tendon attached to the anchor is pulled to rotate the anchor into undisturbed soil – like a toggle bolt.

This is called Anchor Locking the anchor (using the MANTA RAY anchor locker). The anchor is pulled upon to reach the holding capacity required. No other system offers this feature.

The beautifully simple, effective and low-cost MANTA RAY anchor system represents a major breakthrough in ” anchoring
technology” with a multitude of uses in the Utility, Civil Engineering, and Construction Markets for:

Utility Poles Retaining Walls Sheet Piles Seawalls Pipelines EROSION CONTROL (revetment mats, embarkment repair)Underwater Applications

Manta Ray offers outstanding cost reductions for repair of existing walls, sheet piles and seawalls. Many of our customers utilize MANTA RAYS to shore- up, the and repair failing walls with superb economic advantages. The bottom line is MANTA RAY is the solution to all your anchoring problems.

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The STINGRAY anchor is the ideal earth anchor for heavy-duty anchoring applications.

445KN (100,000 Lbs) Ultimate Strength
338 KN (75,000 Lbs) Yield Strength
300 KN (67,500 Lbs) Working Load
Solid Core Rod (SCR)

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